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Absence, Projects. Return of SkateScape

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Absence, Projects. Return of SkateScape

Post by Owner Brennon on Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:54 pm

The Redemption and Resurrection
~ Skate-Scape ~

Well just recentally I re opened the server. Paradox got in touch with me via facebook. We have been working extra hard. Hes got the forums looking nice and sexy like he always has done. Im back to coding the server. Since sadly got shut down by the Corrupt American government, i lost the source and client files. Lucky after all this time Paradox still had the client. So its posted and the link has been fixed. (More Client Updates to come.) The source is once again the classic allstar source. I love the classics and will probably always be hooked to 317's because of the glory before the updates fucked everything on runescape. I hope to create the source I always dreamed and I hope you guys sign in and see this soon.

~ Projects I did while gone ~

Well while I was gone I got into hacking more than coding. Starting learning about (DDoS) and (DoS) which is illegal and I do not recommend doing in anyway. I Learned about SQL Injection website hacking and successfully hacked a website with it. I have learned mass amounts of the Black-Hat hacking.

As far as java goes i did do some java. I started scripting my own macro programs for Runescape Bots. I messed around a little bit with the language Python and Visual basic.

~ Reason for server shut-down ~

I switched internet providers and the modem they gave us would not allow port forwarding. I port forwarded my router but my modem's firewall blocked it. The only people that were allowed to were those dumbass tech people. (The ones that really have no computer skill in any way what so ever. But now I got a new ISP and A new and very very good modem.

First thing is first, BIG SHOUT OUT TO PARADOX. I'm really glad you got a hold of me dude. You've fixed the forums and made them look really good dude. Big appreciation, i'm glad your my co-owner once more.

Second this shout out goes for Krystal. I really liked having you as staff. You were professional, reliable, and of course tongue very attractive. I will be happy to see you return to the forums as I have the gut feeling you will. I will make you the head Administrator or Maybe even a 2nd Co-Owner. But a high rank spot is definitely well reserved for you.

Third Shout out to F 3 A R D. Your an awesome coder even though I saw your old post saying you quit. The reason we have a client in the first place is all because of your coding. I welcome you back with a Warm Welcome. Even if you don't ever see this post or go near the forums again, You will always be welcome here as staff.

The Best mods I could have ever had was def, pk 4 life, destroyer. You guys rock and upon return will be granted Moderator status or Administrator status once more!

I would Really Like you guys back on my server players and staff alike. You are always welcome here. This server was always well structured and always will be. I WELCOME YOU ALL TO THE RETURN OF SKATESCAPE! HAPPY GAMING!


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Owner Brennon
Owner Brennon

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Re: Absence, Projects. Return of SkateScape

Post by 2akash on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:57 am

Well i joined, i always see u on Razz


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